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Embark on a Journey to Paradise: Uncover Bali with Us...

Is there a place where nature's song and spiritual serenity play in harmony? Untamed Beauty Awaits: In Bali, every landscape sings a lullaby to the soul. Traverse through its gleaming rice fields, bathed in the golden hue of the sun. Lose yourself on its pristine beaches, where each wave caresses the shore like a lover's touch. And as you wander amidst its sacred temples, feel the whispers of the ancients, echoing stories of love, valor, and devotion.

Seek and You Shall Find...Spiritual Awakening: The very soul of Bali beckons, pulsating with an energy that's both ancient and renewing. Immerse yourself in the hypnotic hum of ceremonies, where chants seem to touch the heavens. Explore age-old temples, their walls and corridors whispering tales of yesteryears, holding secrets of bygone eras. And when you find solace in the tranquil yoga retreats, nestled amidst nature, Bali invites you to a deeper connection, both outwardly and within, guiding your spirit towards a path of enlightenment.

Hungry for an epicurean adventure that transcends borders? A Feast for Your Senses: Delight in Bali's gustatory wonders, a culinary tapestry rich in tradition and innovation. Journey from the piquant depths of 'Bebek Betutu', a taste that's a celebration in itself, to the refined elegance of globally-acclaimed culinary masterpieces, handcrafted by chefs who honor both heritage and creativity. As you savor each dish, realize that each flavor, each aroma, unveils a new chapter, a story that captures the heart and spirit of the island.

Answer the Call of Adventure: Quench your thirst for thrill and excitement in Bali's myriad landscapes and waters. Ride the majestic waves, each one challenging and welcoming in the same breath. As you plunge into the vivid world beneath the waters, find yourself surrounded by a kaleidoscope of marine life, an underwater festival of colors. And when you challenge yourself to a trek, with every step, the promise of witnessing the first rays of dawn atop Mount Batur gets closer, reminding you that every moment in Bali is an adventure waiting to be embraced.

Ever longed for a place where the heart and soul of the land are reflected in its people? Experience the True Essence of Balinese Charm: In Bali, every glance, every gesture is a testament to its rich tapestry of culture and warmth. More than the sights, it's the people, with their radiant smiles and open hearts, that make Bali truly enchanting. They welcome you with a warmth that's genuine, with every gentle nod acknowledging your presence, and with every tradition shared, you’ll find a piece of your heart forever entwined with the island, binding you in a bond of love and respect.

Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime trip and let Bali leave an indelible mark on your soul. It promises more than just sights and sounds. Dive deep, explore, and let the Island of the Gods work its magic on you, ensuring that with every sunset and sunrise, a part of you transforms, finding harmony with the world around.


Embrace a lavish tropical retreat, tailored especially for discerning men like you. Every corner of this haven reflects unparalleled opulence, ensuring your stay is nothing less than regal. From plush furnishings to world-class amenities, our chosen sanctuary sets the stage for six nights of unparalleled indulgence. Here, you can truly disconnect from the mundane, immersing yourself in the lap of luxury while the natural beauty of Bali envelops you.

Seeking connections that resonate deeper than just shared experiences? Being in the company of like-minded men, all seeking a unique sense of freedom and camaraderie, will give you an opportunity to forge connections deeper than you'd have imagined. As days turn into evenings, you'll find yourself engaged in heartfelt conversations, laughing under the starlit sky, and forming bonds that promise to stand the test of time. This is not just a trip; it's the beginning of lifelong friendships, all against the backdrop of Bali's ethereal charm.

Bali is a land where every moment feels like a celebration, and our timing couldn't be better. Immerse yourself in local traditions, letting the island's vibrant energy sweep you off your feet. Delight in the sounds of distant music, the tantalizing aromas from bustling markets, and the captivating rituals that showcase the rich tapestry of Balinese culture. Every day will be an adventure, unveiling a side of Bali that leaves a mark not just on your memories, but on your very soul.

The Excitement of Discovering Bali together...

Let's explore together the mesmerizing island of Bali, uncovering its secrets side by side.  With the help of our excellent concierge, we'll discover those perfect spots for shopping, observing the local life, tasting exotic dishes, seeking moments of peace, and indulging in rejuvenation. As we share these discoveries, we'll collectively gain an understanding of the best that Bali offers, making our journey all the richer.

Bali is renowned for its welcoming spirit and harmonious atmosphere, a place where diverse cultures and lifestyles find acceptance. Whether your dream evening involves swaying to the beats of traditional Balinese music at a local temple ceremony, strolling along the vibrant streets of Seminyak, or finding serenity watching the sunset over Uluwatu's cliffs, you'll feel free and at ease to cherish every moment in a manner that resonates with you.

Let's experience Bali through the eyes of a local and with the wonder of a first-timer. Wander amidst its verdant rice terraces, stumble upon artisanal workshops, and explore ancient temples that speak of Bali's profound spiritual heritage. Savor the authentic tastes of dishes like Lawar and Babi Guling from local warungs, letting the gamelan's rhythmic sounds evoke deep emotions. Together, we'll immerse in the island's unique traditions, crafting stories that we'll recount for years.

Regardless of how you choose to immerse in Bali's allure, this voyage promises an ideal fusion of relaxation, exploration, and cultural appreciation. We'll return with hearts brimming with treasured moments, a renewed admiration for Bali's magic, and a profound bond with the incredible souls we'll encounter on this shared adventure.

Pure Enchantment - The Bali Floating Leaf

Bali, a tropical paradise known for its verdant landscapes, spiritual temples, and rich culture, now shines as an oasis for holistic wellness, rejuvenating yoga, and pristine beaches, making it an ideal haven..

During your retreat at Bali, you'll immerse in an unparalleled experience of harmony. The Floating Leaf, renowned for its conscious eco-luxury design, nestles amidst Bali's picturesque rice fields, creating a seamless blend of nature, luxury, and serenity. Here, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure that you embark on a journey of rejuvenation, rediscovery, and reconnection.

Situated in Sukawati, a serene town well-loved by the artistic souls of Bali, The Floating Leaf stands as an emblem of eco-friendly luxury. Its spacious rooms, filled with natural light and adorned with traditional Balinese art, offer tranquil views of the lush surroundings and the distant horizon of the Indian Ocean. Whether you choose to bask in the shared reflections by the iconic pool, indulge in intimate moments in the tastefully curated rooms, or meditate under the canopy of the yoga pagoda, you're in for an enchanting Balinese treat.

Each of the 11 rooms at The Floating Leaf encapsulates the ethos of Bali—nature, harmony, and luxury. While some rooms have private terraces overlooking the serene rice fields, others boast panoramic windows framing the endless blue of the ocean. The earthy tones of wood, stone, and textiles resonate with a powerful masculine energy, ensuring that your stay transcends the usual hotel experience, inviting you to a grand sojourn with like-minded companions.

The iconic elliptical pool at The Floating Leaf is a centerpiece of relaxation. Let your stresses melt away as you float amidst lotus blossoms and gaze upon the expansive Balinese skies.

Distinct communal and private spaces, coupled with terraces that lend themselves to group gatherings or intimate dinners, truly set the tone for unforgettable memories. To enhance your experience, our dedicated team – including a skilled chef who curates gourmet organic meals, a devoted estate manager, and a warm-hearted Balinese staff – will ensure that you're pampered and cherished throughout your stay.


The Floating Leaf promotes a holistic and eco-conscious experience. Please be respectful of the natural surroundings and local customs.

The Floating Leaf is designed for relaxation and wellness; while it offers multiple levels, it may not be fully handicap accessible.

The local Balinese staff are accustomed to naturist guests. Nearly half of the staff are female, including the on-site spa services and housekeeping. (I am gathering information about an off-site all-male spa.)  You will not have to interact with the female staff while nude for the most part. 

About Your Accommodations...

There are three room types, all of which ensure the utmost comfort and luxury. No matter which you choose, you'll absolutely love the sights and sounds from your room.

POOL VIEW DELUXE Dive into luxury with our round eco-friendly rooms that offer breathtaking views. From your wrap-around balcony, relish vistas of rice fields, the majestic Mount Agung, and the tranquil Indian Ocean.

Ground floor guests enjoy the delight of indoor/outdoor garden bathrooms, and two of these rooms even tempt with spacious bathtubs. Discover sustainable craftsmanship in every detail of these elegant retreats. All rooms are round in shape and have a King bed that can be split apart to accommodate two guests.


FAMILY BUNGALOW Tucked in verdant gardens, our Family Bungalow was once the cherished home of the owners. Both Purnama and Petiwi rooms echo Balinese charm, ensuring privacy and luxury.

The Purnama room is designed for couples with a non-divisible queen bed.

While the Petiwi room offers the flexibility of two beds or a combined large one.


GARDEN VISTA Experience serenity amidst lush organic gardens. Cross the koi pond to access these rooms that blend Balinese tradition with modern luxury. Each room has its private terrace, ensuring comfort and tranquillity. Those on the second floor are treated to panoramic views of the surroundings. And the green rooftop? It’s not just a viewpoint, but a flourishing garden.

If you're seeking a harmonious blend of value and luxury, the Garden Vista awaits. All rooms have a King bed that can be split apart to accommodate two guests.


Whichever you choose, expect modern luxury blended with the soulful essence of Bali in these freshly renovated spaces.

From the flexibility in bed arrangements to the premium pillow-tops, your relaxation is our priority. Dive into the Floating Leaf experience, and hear why their guests can't stop praising their recent upgrades!


Bali's Culinary Heartbeat: Every Meal a Symphony of Tradition and Soul

Delve into the sumptuous flavors of Balinese cuisine, where every bite is infused with tradition and the essence of love. At The Floating Leaf, our dedicated chef passionately crafts three wholesome meals daily, ensuring that you indulge in the very best of Bali's culinary treasures. As you sit in our serene dining area, surrounded by Bali's lush landscapes, allow the scents of exotic spices, fresh herbs, and organic ingredients to envelop you. Each dish is not only a feast for the eyes but a symphony for the palate.

Bali boasts a rich tapestry of culinary traditions, a blend of indigenous methods and ingredients influenced by Indian, Chinese, and particularly Indonesian flavors. Signature dishes you might savor include 'Bebek Betutu' (spiced duck wrapped in banana leaves), 'Ayam Betutu' (Balinese chicken dish), and 'Lawar' (a mix containing fine chopped coconut, garlic, chili, and spices). Seafood is also a staple, with fresh catches grilled to perfection, often accompanied by 'Sambal Matah' - a zesty lemongrass and chili salsa.

At the heart of The Floating Leaf's culinary journey stands their esteemed chef, dedicated to guiding you through Bali's rich culinary traditions. Preparing three meticulously crafted meals daily, you will be introduced to authentic dishes such as 'Bebek Betutu' (slow-roasted duck), 'Sate Lilit' (spiced minced meat skewers), and the refreshing 'Salad Plecing Kangkung' (water spinach salad). Mornings might greet you with 'Dadar Gulung' (sweet coconut pancake rolls), while evenings could culminate in the delights of 'Klepon' (sweet rice cake balls filled with palm sugar). With an array of offerings and hearty portions, one thing remains clear: you will savor every moment and their appetites will always be satisfied.

At The Floating Leaf, the culinary journey doesn't just tantalize the taste buds; it nourishes the soul. Every dish reflects the establishment's unwavering commitment to serving the healthiest, most nutrient-rich foods. With optimal well-being at the forefront, each meal is thoughtfully curated using only the freshest organic ingredients, solidifying Floating Leaf's reputation as one of the world's premier healthful destinations. While you relish a diverse menu, featuring traditional Indonesian delicacies, there's also an abundant selection of raw, vegan, and vegetarian delights to suit every palate.

But the culinary experience doesn't conclude at the dining table. Included in this vacation is a hands-on cooking class set in Floating Leaf's welcoming kitchen. This immersive session ensures you will return home not only with cherished memories but also with cherished recipes, ready to recreate the flavors they've grown fond of during their stay.

We request you to dress appropriately for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in adherence to health and safety guidelines. Kindly extend your respect to our staff, who are well-acquainted with the naturist lifestyle. 

Rest assured, our chef is well-equipped to cater to specific dietary preferences or allergies, ensuring every meal is tailored to your utmost satisfaction.

Celebrate Your New Friendships over a Spectacular Dinner

The Akasa restaurant captivates with its contemporary Balinese fare, masterfully balancing sophistication and relaxed charm against the backdrop of Bali's verdant landscapes and the tranquil Indian Ocean.

Feel the gentle embrace of the island's breeze as bi-fold doors reveal a serene lotus pond, its petals and pads serenely floating, bathed in the delicate illumination of lanterns. The dining area seamlessly merges with a terrace, ensconced by lush tropical foliage and punctuated by the soothing melodies of a traditional Balinese fountain. At the heart of this peaceful haven stands the boutique Arak Bar, offering a refined collection of arak and tuak, Bali's signature spirits, each brewed with age-old traditions native to the island.

Akasa stands as an emblem of Bali's rich heritage and allure. Woven into its very fabric are stories of the island's history, traditions, and the myriad souls that have sought solace in its embrace.

Guided by the culinary artistry of Executive Chef Wayan Sutama, Akasa's menu is a celebration of traditional Balinese flavors infused with modern flair, emphasizing the freshest, locally-harvested, and seasonal offerings. The Arak Bar, a haven for spirit enthusiasts, curates an exceptional range of arak and tuak hailing from various regions of Bali. Resident connoisseurs eagerly share tales of these indigenous spirits, enlightening guests on their intricate creation processes and deep-rooted significance. Beyond its spirit collection, the bar also presents an extensive wine and cocktail list, spotlighting Indonesian labels and signature mixes brimming with the zest of local botanicals.

Delight in the very soul of Bali at The Akasa Arak Bar, where both seasoned enthusiasts and novices can explore a handpicked selection of the island's esteemed arak and tuak. Dive deep into the enchanting realm of these cherished beverages, enhanced by a hand-curated wine list and innovative concoctions that epitomize the diverse flavors of Bali's rich flora.


The Delights…

As a naturist, you cherish the freedom of being in sync with nature, unburdened by the confines of attire. The Floating Leaf encapsulates this sentiment, offering an idyllic backdrop for an uninhibited experience. Whether your preference leans towards meditative strolls in the verdant gardens or basking beside the serene pool, this retreat space fosters a rejuvenating, clothing-optional ambiance. The vast expanses of the Floating Leaf can be savored in your purest form, with the sole exception of meal times, where attire is required.

Venture beyond the retreat to soak in the vibrant and eclectic energy of Bali. With a myriad of artisanal stores, intricate handcrafted souvenirs, and traditional Balinese offerings, there's a world waiting to be discovered. Explore Bali's renowned galleries, or perhaps find solace in a quaint café, each moment etching an indelible mark on your memory. (Kindly note that local customs necessitate attire for external excursions!)

To amplify your experience, each morning presents personalized suggestions to elevate your stay. Join us for a leisurely exploration, unveiling Bali's lesser-known treasures and immersing in its rich tapestry of culture. Whether you envision a tranquil oasis or an escapade sprinkled with adventure, Floating Leaf emerges as the sanctuary for a memorable sojourn.

Healing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit...

Bali, often referred to as the "Island of the Gods," is a paradise that deeply resonates with those in search of serenity, authenticity, and a profound connection to nature. For the male nudist, it presents a golden opportunity to not just disrobe from clothing but to strip away life's stresses and embrace an environment that rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit.


Imagine beginning your day with a gentle sunrise yoga session on the panoramic pavilion. As the first rays of dawn kiss your bare skin, you feel the harmony between man and nature. The gentle stretches and deep breaths, complemented by uninterrupted views of the verdant rice fields, sacred Mount Agung, and the vast Indian Ocean, encourage a sense of boundless freedom. It's an experience of being in the moment, of truly inhabiting one's body without judgment or reservation.


After your session, you could indulge in a therapeutic massage at the spa, where traditional Balinese healing techniques are used to knead away the knots of tension. Here, amidst the soothing sounds of nature and the expert hands of the masseuse, you're reminded of the simple joys of tactile sensation – the feel of fresh linens, the coolness of natural stones, the touch of skilled fingers on bare skin.


Evenings at Floating Leaf might find you at a cultural engagement event, perhaps a traditional Balinese cooking class. As you laugh, learn, and cook, the organic ingredients tell tales of the fertile Balinese soil, and the delicious meals you create become metaphors for the island's rich tapestry of experiences.


And of course, there’s the liberating allure of Floating Leaf’s facilities tailored for the male nudist community. Step into rooms designed for organic luxury, where indoor-outdoor garden bathrooms allow you to shower under the open sky. The healing pool beckons, offering meditative moments as you float and contemplate the interplay of sunlight, water, and skin.


Bali, with its fusion of natural beauty, spiritual energy, and the transformative services of Floating Leaf, invites you to a journey of self-discovery. It's more than a destination; it's an experience, a retreat, and a return to one’s truest self.

Bali Snapshot: What You Need to Know

Bali, often hailed as the "Island of the Gods," is more than a picturesque getaway; it's a narrative of countless tales and traditions, inviting everyone, including the LGBTQIA+ community, to immerse in its beauty and warmth. This paradise showcases a medley of art, culture, and human connections, beckoning every soul with its genuine charm.

Dive into Bali's Rich Culture: As the seasons roll by, Bali pulsates with life, presenting a plethora of traditional dances, festivals, and ceremonies. Witnessing the entrancing Kecak dance or engaging in temple ceremonies not only offers a glance into Bali's essence but deepens your bond with its traditions. Each ritual and performance paints a story of the island's ancient legacy.

An Oasis of Acceptance: While Indonesia grapples with LGBTQIA+ rights, Bali emerges as a beacon of hope and acceptance. Rooted in its Hindu heritage and enriched by decades of global tourism, the island nurtures a welcoming spirit, ensuring the LGBTQIA+ community feels at home. This atmosphere has been sculpted over the years, celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

A Culinary Affair to Remember: Bali’s culinary scene is a treat for the senses. From tantalizing street eats like 'Mie Goreng' to sophisticated international dining experiences, every meal here is a celebration. Each bite tells a story, each flavor traces back to a tradition, making dining in Bali a holistic experience.

Quench Your Thirst for Adventure: Bali beckons the adventurer within, offering a canvas of thrilling escapades. Whether you're riding the high waves with your surfboard or embracing the challenge of a Mount Batur trek at dawn, there's always a new horizon to explore. The island promises more than just sightseeing; it's an adventurous odyssey awaiting every spirited traveler.

Bali Cares for its Environment: The island, aware of its ecological treasures, offers numerous eco-tours focusing on preservation. Engage in vital coral reef restoration or step into sanctuaries championing the cause of endangered species. Beyond the fun and frolic, Bali ensures visitors leave with a sense of responsibility and contribution.


Bali, in all its glory, is a mosaic of unforgettable moments and soulful connections. It's not merely a place to visit; it's a journey of self-discovery and warmth. Embracing all, from the adventurous to the introspective, Bali extends its embrace, promising memories that last a lifetime.

What’s included

  • Deluxe accommodations with en-suite bathroom
  • 3 healthy and hearty meals per day
  • Roundtrip airport transfers
  • One excursion of your choice from our list of amazing adventures
  • Daily Nude Yoga Classes with Matt Lamburn, The Naked Bearded Yogi
  • Welcome Dinner with Traditional Dancers and Musicians
  • Farewell Dinner
  • Intro to Bali Culture Art and Culture Shopping
  • Tour Sudamala Rice Field Walk and Subak/Rice Temple Talk
  • Purification Ceremony and Rituals at Sacred Water Temple
  • Himalayan Sound Bath (Group Session)
  • Cooking Class Royal
  • Cocktail Party at The Bodhi Leaf
  • Offering Making Class
  • Fresh tropical fruits daily
  • A 1-hour massage in the Spa (female staff only)
  • Complete expert concierge services
  • Daily housekeeping
  • The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide - an 80+ page handbook filled with everything you need to know about visiting Bali
  • Free high-speed wireless internet
  • In-room safe/lock box
  • An off-site fabulous dinner
  • All gratuities, transportation, and taxes ensuring an unforgettable and stress-free week in breath-taking Bali

What's Not Included

  • Airfare to and from Bali.
  • Optional excursions such as spa treatments, boat rides, and additional cooking classes. Further details will be provided.
  • Comprehensive spa services like massages, Ayurvedic treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures, and more. More details can be found at Floating Leaf's Spa.
  • Extra meals and snacks. (available for purchase)
  • Alcoholic beverages including beer and wine. (available for purchase)
  • Personal shopping expenses.
  • Specialty coffee beverages like cappuccino, macchiato, and latte. (available for purchase)
  • Premium healthy drinks like fresh juices, elixirs, and smoothies.
  • Accommodation costs outside the provided trip dates.
  • Personal, medical, or trip interruption insurance.
  • Additional expenses might include souvenirs, personal phone calls, and other personal items.

The GoNaked Bali Team

Nick is not only the esteemed publisher of GoNaked Magazine and the CEO of GoNaked Travel but is also renowned as an engaging instructor and seminar leader. He has showcased his prowess by presenting in every US state, at numerous esteemed universities, and even for the esteemed staff at the White House.

At just 22, an astute astrologer read his chart and astoundingly proclaimed, "You're destined to excel in myriad fields! You'll require distinct business cards for each expertise." Her foresight rang true.

A born entrepreneur, Nick has pioneered several ventures, with GoNaked Magazine, catering to male nudists, standing out. He mentors people, encouraging them to transcend their self-imposed boundaries and always stresses that "success isn't bound by time."

Bob, Nick's significant other for four decades, instilled the spirit of adventure in him. For those keen on gastronomic adventures, Bob is your go-to. Engage him in conversations about travel and exotic cuisines anytime!

Chris epitomizes warmth and genuine affection. He possesses the gift of pulling you into lively interactions, always ready with a comforting embrace. Rest assured, with Chris around, you'll feel right at home.

Please note: The composition of this team might vary depending on availability.


Cost of this trip starts at $3399 per person based upon double occupancy.  (That's $6798 for the room) If you do not have a roommate, you will be assigned one if you don't find one on your own. Be certain to create a very thorough profile so that we can help match up similar tastes.

If you prefer a room to yourself, you'll pay the single room rate of $4999 - $5199.

After your initial deposit, the balance owed is split into 5 payments. Or, if you wish, you can make "Chip Away" payments - pay a little to go toward your balance anytime you want!

Terms and Conditions

All the Terms and Conditions, Terms of Conduct, and the Release and Limitations of Liabilities can be found here.

Please thoroughly read all of the documents. You will need to agree to the terms when you register for this trip.

Those documents include:

Optional Excursions, Tours, Events, and Classes

Your vacation is meticulously crafted with your preferences in mind. Whether you have the heart of an adventurer or the soul of someone who yearns for tranquil moments, we've got you covered. Bali offers a spectrum of experiences, and we've handpicked a variety that caters to every temperament.

We've curated a diverse list of optional activities, ensuring there's something enticing for everyone. From tranquil endeavors that allow you to soak in the serenity of Bali to exhilarating escapades that promise a surge of adrenaline, there's plenty to look forward to. It's worth noting that many of these experiences are offered as a complimentary part of your package. Additional costs will be revealed after the new year as the new prices will be available.

But that's not all! As we inch closer to our vacation date, our team is on the lookout for even more unique and memorable excursions. We're committed to ensuring your experience is dynamic, fresh, and unforgettable. So, keep an eye out for updates and new additions that will further enrich your Balinese journey.

Daily Nude Yoga Classes with Matt Lamburn, the Naked Bearded Yogi

Discover a profound connection to your body and spirit in our Men's Nude Yoga Classes. Held in a private, judgment-free space, these sessions are designed to promote holistic self-acceptance, empowering participants to embrace their natural form. By shedding external layers, you're invited to delve deeper into your practice, aligning your physical, mental, and emotional self.

Your instructor is Matt Lamburn, affectionately known as The Bearded Naked Yogi, is a remarkable figure in the world of holistic wellness and body positivity. With a distinctive blend of yoga, meditation, and advocacy for nudity as a form of self-expression and self-acceptance, Matt inspires individuals to embrace their authentic selves. His approach is not just about physical nakedness but also about the vulnerability and strength it takes to be genuinely open and present in the world. Through his teachings, Matt encourages people to find freedom and confidence within themselves, promoting a lifestyle of health, mindfulness, and unapologetic self-love.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a curious beginner, our daily Men's Nude Yoga Classes promise a transformative journey of self-discovery, fostering a sense of unity, respect, and inner peace.

Purification Ceremony and Rituals at Sacred Water Temple (Included)

Highly recommended as it’s a great insight into the mystical and deeply spiritual Balinese way of life.

A purification ceremony or Melukat ritual is a traditional spiritual cleansing ritual and part of the Manusa Yadnya (Balinese Hindu life event progression). Its purpose is to purify a human body and soul. It is said to wash away turmoil and sickness acquired from negative karma in both this life and past lives.

The purification ceremony can be held at Tirta Empul Water Temple. We will serve breakfast at 6 AM for this day and we will depart to the Water Temple at 6:30 AM.

After the Purification Ceremony, we can visit a coffee plantation to sample special teas and coffees including the world's most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak (optional), and a traditional painting village and Balinese compound (optional).

Return time will be around 1 or 2 PM for Lunch.

Guests can also choose to be dropped off in Ubud to tour the sites, shopping, and even nightlife. Return time will be around 1 or 2 PM for Lunch (for those who choose not to include Ubud).

Secret Waterfall and Temple Tour

If you had just one day in Bali, this is the tour we would suggest most.

Start the day with a scenic drive up into  Bali’s Central Highlands with epic viewpoints, lakes, and traditional villages. First stop is one of the most iconic temples in all of Bali, the 11 tiered temple of Pura Ulun Danu that seems to float on Lake Batur. Then depart for Bali’s very best and most impressive waterfalls. We call them the “Secret Falls” as many other falls in Bali are well known and can be crowded, but these are the most majestic falls and we usually have them all to ourselves.

There are actually 2 sets or three waterfalls close to each other and you and your guests can swim in the lagoons, get massaged by the falls, and even find natural waterslides. You can choose to have your lunch or a yoga class in the bale near the falls. A moderate level of fitness is required but it is not overly strenuous.


Offering Making Class (included)

This class is included at no charge with Purification Ceremony and Rituals at Sacred Water Temple. 

Work with our staff to learn the power, symbolism, and purpose of these ubiquitous spiritual artworks found all over Bali. In a hands on workshop, learn to create your very own all natural flower offering which you can use in your purification ceremony, a ritual of your own, or to have in your room with you as a reminder of the mystical spirituality found on the Island of the Gods. The class runs for 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the group and how many questions they may have. Its all up to you!

There are several types of Balinese offerings or banten, however the most common is canang sari, the daily offerings that is given by all the Balinese people to the God “Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa” and a supplication to the lower spirits that they do not disturb the living. Learn how to arrange the offerings and know the symbolism of the colors and the meaning of the offerings.

If this workshop is part of the purification ceremony, the offering making class should be the day before temple purification because we will use the offering that we will create.

Himalayan Sound Bath (Group Session) (Included)

You are your OWN healer and guru. All you seek lays within you.

The instructor will help set you into your purest natural vibration, relax your brainwaves and set you into a deep meditative state of mind. To help you reconnect to the divine source, and therefore to your “higher self”. By setting you back into your natural vibrational, she try to build a bridge to yourself. From this place of awareness, you will be able to make a change to the positive and to heal yourself.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is an ancient technique used to realign our physical, emotional and spiritual world. This therapy is based on the principle that everything in the universe is vibrating energy – from the biggest mountain or ocean to the tiniest blade of grass, and even each individual cell in our body. The sound of the Singing Bowl touches our innermost soul and tunes us back into nature’s frequencies. The sound breaks down tension, mobilizes self healing forces, and sets free creative energies.

This session is included in your package.

Signature Balinese Massage (1 Hour Session Included)

A thoughtful and deeply appreciated inclusion that your guests will benefit from. Our highly trained and skilled practitioners will delight and relax your participants with this signature 60-minute pampering and healing session.

Great for jet lag and a relaxing way to help with acclimatizing after the flight.

Guests can choose to upgrade to any spa treatment as well (including facials, mani-pedi, and much more, click here for more details).

Please note that service is performed only by female therapists. 

Whitewater Rafting

Choose from two fun and exhilarating rivers and adventures. The rivers in Bali are not technical or difficult for rafting. There are some great rapids but it is suitable for almost all ages. Please note there are many many steps to the river and this may be the most challenging part of the trip so a moderate level of fitness is suggested. Departure time is  flexible and usually around 8-10am. Return times vary but, are usually around 2-3pm.

Telaga Waja River

  • The longest rafting route in Bali. A 16-kilometer route, 2.5 hour rafting trip
  • Easier access from the lobby to river rafting starting point.
  • Rapids class II – IV (more thrill and adventure).
  • Caution! Some area of the river has shallow water.
  • Location in Karangasem around 1 hour from Floating leaf.

Ayung River

  • Located close to Ubud. From Floating leaf it is 40 minutes.
  • Very suitable for beginners, with rapid class grade II-III.
  • Fantastic scenery with stone carvings in some areas of the river walls.
  • Caution! Long stairways from the lobby area to river starting point, also long stairs from rafting finish point to the restaurant area.

Not as challenging and technical as Telaga Waja River Rafting but very fun.

Horseback Riding

Ride along the volcanic sands and feel the rush of the crashing waves at Saba Beach, a stunning coastal treasure just 5 minutes away from Floating Leaf. As you embark on this journey, you'll not only witness the natural beauty of Bali, but you'll also experience an intimate perspective of Balinese life.

Glide past local temples, where traditions remain untouched by time, and see the homes of locals, brimming with stories. As the path opens onto the expansive sandy beach, let the beauty of the surroundings wash over you.

This memorable ride includes convenient transport, an experienced guide who'll share the hidden gems of the area, insurance for peace of mind, and a refreshing beverage to cool down after the experience.

Length of ride: 1 hour. Weight limitation: 90 kg (198 lbs)

Batik Class

Embark on an immersive journey into the heart of Balinese culture. As honored guests at the workshop of Bali’s esteemed batik maestro, Pak Widyo Harsono, we'll delve deep into a tradition passed down through generations.

Pak Widyo, a master of his craft, will graciously introduce us to the intricate Indonesian art of batik. Under his expert guidance, we'll learn the meticulous process and the hidden secrets behind creating our very own batik painting.

Every time we facilitate this experience, we're left in awe of the astounding artworks our guests craft — tangible memories of an unforgettable journey. Pak Widyo's intuitive approach means he's adept at tailoring assistance to each individual, ensuring everyone finds their unique artistic flair.

Set against the serene backdrop of his workshop, our session commences at 10 am and gracefully concludes around 3 pm. To enhance this enriching experience, guests will be treated to an authentic lunch, savored amidst the warmth and hospitality of the master artist's residence.

Hidden Canyon Guwang

Hidden Canyon Guwang is a nice activity if you only have a couple hours. It is just 10 minutes from Floating Leaf. The participants should be reasonably fit as you hike through the canyon but it is not rigorous or difficult. The rocks can be slippery and you will be hiking in a beautiful deep canyon but, we have not seen injuries or complaints that it was dangerous or too difficult.

Water is normally ankle deep but can be waist high at times so bring only what is necessary. There are guides who are well trained and they know every inch of the terrain. They will let you know where to exactly place your feet and hands in order to make the canyon rocks easily navigated.

The colors and formations are exquisite. This activity requires around 1-hour of trekking.

Snorkeling Boat Trip to Nusa Lembongan

The boat snorkeling trip to Lembongan Island is a beautiful day trip.

Departure is around 7:30am from Floating Leaf and return is around 3pm. It’s on a boat that holds approximately 30 people but rarely at capacity.

Half the day in wonderful snorkeling and the other half you can do a land tour or just hang out at the beach.

There is also the option for a short cruise on a glass bottom boat. Lunch is included as is snorkeling gear. Some of the best snorkeling in Bali with tons of fish and colorful coral.

Cooking Class (Included)

Step into the vibrant heart of Balinese culinary tradition at Floating Leaf's demonstration kitchen. Our sessions aren't just about cooking; they're an invitation into the rich tapestry of Balinese culture through its delectable cuisine.

Under the guidance of our skilled and affable kitchen team, participants get a hands-on experience, stirring, frying, and tasting their way to mastering the art of Balinese cooking. Our chefs, with their vast knowledge and passion for the cuisine, will ensure that every participant gains a deep appreciation for the techniques and flavors unique to this island.

Guests will have learn five enticing menu items from our carefully curated Balinese and Healthy Recipe Cookbook. This collection is a testament to the island's culinary diversity, offering both traditional Balinese dishes and health-conscious adaptations.

Each cooking class spans approximately 2 hours, providing ample time for in-depth exploration of each dish. For the ultimate experience, we recommend scheduling the class before lunch or dinner. This ensures that as soon as the final dish is plated, participants can indulge in the massive, freshly-prepared feast they've crafted, savoring each bite of their culinary masterpiece.

Central Highlands Tour

Venture into the serene and picturesque realms of the Bedugul region, a verdant haven nestled in Bali's heartland. This area proudly hosts one of Bali’s most revered and iconic temples, Pura Ulun Danu. With its unique architecture and location, this temple exudes a sense of mysticism, seemingly floating on the serene waters of its neighboring volcanic lake. The sight is a blend of natural beauty and architectural marvel, offering visitors a glimpse into Bali's spiritual essence.

For those seeking an extended experience, we offer an optional visit to The Botanical Gardens. Not only can you rejuvenate with a calming yoga class amidst nature's embrace, but adrenaline junkies can also indulge in the thrill of flying-fox zip-lining. Art and culture enthusiasts will be mesmerized by the colossal sculptures that stand tall, bearing testament to Bali's rich artistic heritage. Please note, while this addition offers a multi-faceted experience, extra charges may apply for certain activities

Balinese Dance Lesson

Dive deep into the cultural tapestry of Bali with a special dance class led by a local master dancer. Balinese dance is not just a form of entertainment, but a centuries-old tradition, deeply woven into the island's spiritual and social fabric. With each movement and gesture, stories of myths, legends, and emotions are portrayed, offering a window into the Balinese way of life.

Under the guidance of our master dancer, participants will embark on a journey that goes beyond mere dance steps. They'll learn about the history, significance, and nuances of each motion, understanding the symbiotic relationship between the dance, its music, and the island's traditions.

The class spans approximately two hours, ensuring ample time for participants to immerse themselves in both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of Balinese dance. Designed to cater to your convenience, this enriching experience can be scheduled at any time and on any day of your choosing.

Uluwatu Temple & Beach Tour

Embark on a captivating journey through The Bukit, Bali's southernmost jewel. This tour provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the pristine landscapes and vibrant beach culture of the island. Wander along the shores of renowned beaches such as Dreamland and Padang-Padang, with options to uncover hidden coastal gems. For those inclined towards a more leisurely experience, a selection of beach clubs awaits, offering refreshing beverages and picturesque views (do note that individual entry fees are not included in our package).

As the day unwinds, we'll guide you to the majestic Uluwatu temple, perched on a cliff's edge. Here, against the backdrop of a setting sun, you can witness the ethereal Kecak Dance performance, a traditional Balinese art form that narrates the epic Ramayana. And while you roam the temple grounds, be prepared for delightful encounters with the playful monkeys that consider this sacred space their home.

Our comprehensive tour package ensures your comfort and convenience. It includes seamless transport services, a choice of a delectable boxed lunch, and the fee for temple entrance, making your Bukit experience truly memorable.

Silversmithing Workshop

You will make a unique piece of spiritual jewelry created by your own hand in sterling silver bejeweled with a stunning gemstone that you will choose with your intuition and with guidance from our chakra gemstone healing cards – these cards have the ability to open your heart and your mind.

You have come to this place for a reason. You may not know quite why, but the energy of your mind and intuition have told you this is the place, Bali, the now, for you to heal and to make revisions to your path – your life. Feel the energy of your group work together. Read out loud and share what resonates with your chosen card. It will astound you what emotions surface and how it can heal your heart and your mind.

*Inclusive of transport with return and light refreshments. Please note that some snacks may contain nuts. Kindly notify us prior to the workshop in case any participant has nut allergies.

Day Trip to Sanur

Have just a couple hours or even a whole day? This is a nice easy option!

A wonderful beach town just 15 minutes’ drive from Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat. A great place to wander through cafes, shops, restaurants, and also enjoy a huge white sand beach with all types of watersports (SUP, surfing, jetski, and much more. Additional charges apply).

Drop off and pick up included and its possible to stagger times as well.

Photography Tour with Travel Photographer of the Year

Bali will provide many rewarding opportunities for you and it is Mikaku’s passion to lead individuals and small groups to secret locations around the island. As you may have read, he leads retreats for photographers from National Geographic, The Smithsonian, and other similar institutions.

Here are some options and examples

Cultural submersion is our specialty so we can certainly help you find intriguing and captivating photo opportunities. We also have several very special sunrise and sunset locations. We can capture some great wildlife shots as well and the bird and reptile park can be quite interesting.

Some participants want help with each setting, composition, and theory while others just want to know the lay of the land, secret spots, unique perspectives and angles, local knowledge, and light conditions, etc. and all are catered to personally. We can have discussions beforehand to help craft the itinerary.

Royal Cocktail Party at The Bodhi Leaf (Included)

Visit our ultra-luxury sister property just 1km away for a special party. Enjoy drinks around the pool with the option to be accompanied by local musicians (or play your own playlist). The personal residence of the owners, this magical venue offers epic views and Bali Modern Architecture.

For more on The Bodhi Leaf, please visit

Includes one free drink per person (alcohol or non-alcohol). Duration 1-2 hours.

Bali, Indonesia
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