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Camping Like You've Never Experienced It Before....

As the sun's rays poke through the pine trees, you hear the birds greeting the day.  You head down to the coffee bar and look over the grounds. There's already someone swimming laps in the pool while someone else is floating on the lazy river in an inner-tube.

You made a promise to yourself that you'd be more active and that you'd socialize more. You realize that you don't even have to try to do either here; each corner of this place beckons you to have fun and the men who are here wave you over to get to know you better.  

As you slip into the hot tub with them, you think to yourself, "This is how camping was meant to be..."


Small Group, Big Fun....

On this camping retreat, you’ll live like a spoiled kid in a mansion filled with hundreds of ways to relax and play!

Join men from all over the country as they assemble for 6 days and nights of silly games, karaoke, movies, lounging in the pool and hot-tub, and belly rubs! All fitness levels can compete as these games require cunning and Lady Luck! Whether you choose to float in the pool all day, participate in games, or socialize with other men, we are planning a retreat where you can be your authentic self and get in touch with your inner playful kid.

I am only inviting 30 guests for this playful week away. You are certain to find a new friend to share a sunset, a cocktail, or a soak in the pool.  New friendships and lifelong friends are what we aim for.


You've never seen a house quite like this...

Nestled away behind a curtain of pine trees, The Great Escape Parkside, allows us to kick back with complete privacy. Built on 10 acres of land, there are traditional camping elements here: fresh air, pine trees, and nature trails. But the star of the show is the mansion. 

Each room in this Mansion has a game theme, and each nook and cranny has more opportunities for you to test your skill, luck, and abilities. 

The Laser Mazes, Video Games, Life-Sized Chess, Jenga, and Operation will tickle your curiosity. You'll play familiar board games like never before. Play Twister, Clue, and Risk in the themed bedrooms. Try your hand and dozens of video arcade games. Play pool, skee-ball. or a bigger-than-life kick-darts game.

Or do nothing but relax by the pool with a book.

This is camping GoNaked style. No Counselors. No Pants.

Sounds cool. What else is there to do?

There's a casino where you can test your luck on slots, or start up a game of poker, or spin the roulette wheel.

Dodge the lasers in the Mission Impossible Maze and try to beat your daily score.

The Karaoke Lounge let's you let out your inner diva while the carnival games allow you to test your strength. 

The Movie Theatre will show several films during the day and a movie or two at night to send you off to slumber. 

Play the vintage video games that are waiting for you to test your skills (and no quarters are required!)

Or maybe you'll choose to soak in the hot tub in preparation for the games the next day.

We promise you've never seen anything like this place. Consider it the GoNaked alternative to the other mouse-inspired amusement park up the street. We promise that you'll laugh every single day and you won't have to buy a fast-pass to enjoy the attractions.

Will There Be a Schedule of Events?

Oh, heavens, yes!

Each day will have a group activity that you are welcome to join! Naked Karaoke, a movie schedule, outdoor games, cocktail hours....

And after everyone is assigned their room, I'll work with each guest to schedule a time where others can play in your room. 

The guests in the Twister Bedroom, the Laser Maze Room, the Operation Room, and others will be asked if we can have "play time" with you! 

You will have more than enough activities to keep you busy -- by yourself or with others. We promise you won't be bored. 

Our FunHouse Mansion - The Perfect Place to Make New Friends

Remember when Mom would say, "Go outside and Play!" ?

Here you have your choice: Play outside in the enormous themed pool with the gorgeous lazy river and super fast waterslide. Play "Kickball Darts", "Human Whack A Mole", and more. There's a basketball, volleyball, and tetherball court, the outdoor "Never Be Board Game", and much more

But what Mom didn't tell you is that you can have fun INDOORS as well!  Each of the 15 Luxury Bedrooms are themed and filled with game play! Giant sized Operation, Pac-Man, Clue, and much more are waiting for you to enjoy. And maybe, just maybe, if you talk real nice to the owners of the room, they'll invite you to come in and play? (Who is going to be in the Twister Room? It's the perfect place to hold a naked Twister party!)


You Never Have to Get Dressed....

The words "Clothing Optional" ring true here. Spend the entire vacation in your robe, your swimsuit, your shorts, or nothing at all. 

You're on a private 10-acre stretch of land surrounded by trees. We'll be bringing in food daily so you never, ever have to put a stitch on from the time you wake up until the time you have your nightcap before bed.

This is YOUR camp experience. This is your vacation. Spend your time however you wish. 

We want you to be comfortable, confident, and happy.  Life is short; make happy choices.

Eat Like a King...

"Camp" doesn't mean you have to live on hotdogs all week.

We have contracted the fabulous River City Catering to provide Breakfast and Dinner each day! No worries about food getting cold or lost through Door Dash! Each meal has been carefully selected for maximum enjoyment! You'll love the diverse and delicious meals. We found that there are usually plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day if you decide not to enjoy the goodies we provide in the fridge

Or, if you rented a car, you are a 10-minute drive to a number of restaurants and shopping areas. (Sorry, you have to get dressed if you choose this option.)

We promise you won't go hungry.

Drinks? There will be a selection of soft drinks, water, and juices. We'll poll you before you head down for your beer, wine, and alcohol choices. We will make sure you stay well hydrated! All are included in the price of your stay!

But I Like Group Activities....

Playing with others can be fun, right?  That's why we'll have daily group games for those who want to participate. 

Try a game of kick-ball darts if you like an athletic challenge. Maybe grab a basketball and try to relieve your high school days and play a game of "Around the World" or HORSE. (Remember that?)

Not a fan of outdoor sports? When was the last time you played arcade games with a bunch of friends!? Let the memories flood back in as you live memories of summers at the carnival!

The Karaoke Bar is another super place to enjoy some group fun with no competition at all!

And for your viewing pleasure, the in-house movie theatre will run movies all day long!  Comedies, Horror, Musicals, and more...Grab your popcorn and enjoy!

Bedrooms? The Fun of Camp - The Convenience of a Guest House

Each room is a game room where you can play by yourself, invite others in to play with you, or close your door and enjoy some peace and quiet!

There's something for everyone here: King rooms for those who want the luxury comfort experience or to share with a partner, The Queen rooms for those who want room to themselves or share with someone special, a couple of twin bed rooms, and a bunch of bunk room for those who like the camp-group experience!  (For those who choose the upper bunks - make sure you can climb to the top bunk!)

Luggage space will be limited in the bunk rooms, so you'll want to pack as lightly as possible.  There are washer and dryers available, so go ahead - wear the same thing all week. No one will care!

You will want to book early to choose the room that fits your needs most!

Here's a preview of some of the rooms!


Before Booking, please look at the description of the rooms at:

Each room's description will let you know the details of the room, if there is an en-suite bathroom, and give you insight to benefits of each room!






What to Pack

What do you pack for a week at a GoNaked Camping event?

Not much! You could literally pack everything you need in a backpack! 

When the basics like food, drink, and snacks are all included - what's left? You won't have to pack a tent, or flashlights, or coffee or mugs, or toilet paper, or pots and pans. You don't need kindling or wood, or tarps, or coolers. Leave the sleeping bags and pillows at home. Camp chairs and bottled water can all stay at home.

There are even a couple of washing machines on site. Do laundry whenever need. Pack 2-3 shirts and you're set for the week

Off hand we recommend:

  • A couple of T-shirts
  • A pair of pants or two
  • Your toiletries
  • Cell phone and chargers
  • Maybe a tablet or laptop.
  • Sunglasses
  • Tanning Lotion
  • A hat
  • Breath Mints?
  • Sounds pretty low-key to me!

We will share a list of other things you might consider to bring as the time draws closer -- but trust us, the smaller the bag, the better!

What’s included

 6 nights deluxe lodging. Most with their own private bath.(See room descriptions when signing up)
• Airport Transportation! We will arrange for transportation from the airport. No need to fumble with luggage or get lost.
Two delicious meals of your choosing per day. Breakfast and Dinner are fully catered by River City Catering
• The Bar is open Day and Night, unlimited (but always in moderation) alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are included in your package.
• Transportation back to the airport
All of your Tips and Gratuities are included. No surprises at the end of your trip!

What's Not Included

  •  Hotel costs before/after the posted dates
  •  Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • Lunch will not be served daily, but there will be plenty of food, fruit, and snacks to enjoy
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls.


Cost of this trip is $2399 - $3899 per person solo occupancy. Adding a second person gives a 30% discount for the couple!

Bunk rooms *can* accommodate up to 6 sleepers BUT I will only put two people per room since the space IS tight! You can use one bunk to sleep in and one to put your luggage on.

After your initial deposit, the balance owed is split into 5 payments. If you need to make partial payments, please contact Nick for simple instructions.

And this year - we have space for three Trailers/RVs (no hook up). Bring your own place to sleep and we'll provide the fun!

A Word About our Refund Protect Insurance

When you're gearing up for an adventure, the last thing you want is for unexpected hiccups to throw a wrench in your plans. That's where Refund Protect comes into play, and here's why you should seriously consider opting in for it.

Refund Protect is a way to make your booking fully refundable under a wide array of circumstances as outlined in the Terms and Conditions you'll agree to when you make your booking. Think of it as a safety net for your event booking. If something comes up and you can't make it, you can get a 100% refund if your reason is covered. It's not travel insurance, but rather a complement to it.

Why is this a big deal? Well, travel insurance is great for those big-ticket issues like medical emergencies or lost luggage, but it doesn't always cover the cost of your event booking if you can't attend. Refund Protect fills that gap, ensuring that if life throws you a curveball, you won't strike out financially. When you're about to pay for your booking, you'll see the option to choose a "Refundable Booking" or stick with a "Non-refundable Booking." The additional cost for this option will be clearly displayed, so you can make an informed decision.

In short, Refund Protect gives you peace of mind. It's about knowing that your investment in your experience with us is safeguarded against the unpredictable. For a little extra now, you could save a lot later. And let's be honest, who doesn't like the sound of that?


From one of our happy customers:


Never change the (Refund Protect) insurance! I filed this morning, got confirmation within 30mins that claim has been accepted and this evening the money is already in my account!!!


Watch this little video more more details:

Terms and Conditions

All the Terms and Conditions, Terms of Conduct, and the Release and Limitations of Liabilities can be found here.

Please thoroughly read all of the documents. You will need to agree to the terms when you register for this trip.

Those documents include:

Orlando, FL, USA
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